Planning and Production
Ideal Connection supply an integrated total event management platform – including the concept, design, logistic and technical support, right down to the last detail.

We have a team of professionals to work through each procedure and execution, to ensure integrity, cohesiveness and consistency throughout each event element.

The team works closely with our clients to establish the focus and direction of each event. Then, with the defined priorities in place, we can associate each aspect of the event elements to the intended objectives – ensuring that our clients are always showcased at their best.
Managing Agent
Venue Management
As one of the more established venue and event space management agent in Singapore, Ideal Connection is poised as a facilitator to both property managements and retailers alike.

Working closely with property managements, we facilitate and complement existing strategic space usage plans, matching our ready pool of retailers to the theme and nature of the property as required.

In turn, our team of sales professionals consistently works closely with our clients, to establish event space requirements and activity sourcing and recommending ideal venues with the right target audience and location segmentations.
Project Design
Design and Creation
At Ideal Connection, we believe that the visual elements of a client project reflect the brand identity and convey the key messages, which constitute a substantial portion to the success of the project.

From the concepts to creation, our in-house designers work closely with the production and logistic team, to involve in every stage and creating a unique and inspiring event.

Each design element is considered and pieced together, and tailored in accordance to client’s requirements – all tuned to the nature and duration of each event.
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions
To meet the needs of our client’s business activities, Ideal Connection provide an integrated solution for all necessary deployments in terms of planning, administrating, managing and executing MICE arrangements.

The team adopts a pro-active management solution method on providing professional service to overseas delegations and corporate travelers.

We can cater all requirements and agenda – from arrangements and information gathering of conference and exhibition venues, generation of all print requirements, to customizing of programs and activities for post-meeting tours.
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