About Us

Who we are


SINCE 2003

Ideal Connection has developed an optimal competency in reinventing project

management and infusing creativity to innovate solutions.

Ideal Connection is proud of her dedication and aspiration towards our common

vision – of being the one stop marketing and communication services platform

provider to our esteemed clientele.


What we provide

Event Management

Planning and Production

Roadshow Space Leasing

Venue Management

Roadshow Logistics

Fabrication, Setup and Teardown

Conceptualise & Design

Design and Creation

Event Management


Ideal Connection supply an integrated total event management platform – including the concept, design, logistic and technical support, right down to the last detail.

We have a team of professionals to work through each procedure and execution, to ensure integrity, cohesiveness and consistency throughout each event element

The team works closely with our clients to establish the focus and direction of each event. Then, with the defined priorities in place, we can associate each aspect of the event elements to the intended objectives – ensuring that our clients are always showcased at their best.

Event Spaces

Find a right space

We are the appointed company to manage the following roadshow spaces in various

Bus Interchanges and MRT Stations.