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Bus Interchange Shop Rental in Singapore: Ideal Connection

Bus Interchange Shop Rental in Singapore: Ideal Connection

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Ideal Connection Pte Ltd offers a service where we lease space for bus interchange shops. We have been in the business of renting spaces since 2007. We have gained a lot of experience in what works and doesn’t work. Especially when it comes to these types of locations. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources that you need to take your business from just an idea to a reality. See more about bus interchange shop rental now.

How to rent a shop in a bus interchange or MRT station?

There are many people who have been thinking of starting a retail business in Singapore. But they often do not know where to start. One great place is at an interchange station, may it be a station managed by SBS Transit or SMRT we’ve got you covered. Because it caters to local and foreign workers as well as tourists. It provides excellent opportunities for businesses that offer convenience products, daily necessities, or food outlets.

When you rent a shop from Ideal Connection Pte Ltd, we will help you by providing comprehensive support throughout the whole process. From your initial inquiry through to signing the lease contract and even guidance after moving into your new space. All services provided by us include assistance with design layout layouts, furniture selection, and much more. So everything looks good once opened up. We also provide details about what amenities can be found within the shopping malls and interchange stations. This will help you to target your customers.

In addition, Ideal Connection Pte Ltd can help you get all licenses from the relevant authorities depending on what kind of shop you want to open up. This is very convenient for business owners as our customers save a lot of time thanks to our service. Not only do we provide sound advice about space availability but also have a great experience in all of it.

We are more than just a leasing agency because we offer design services, logistics, interior decorating ideas, or even renovation suggestions. So everything looks professional once opened right down to providing help on licensing requirements before signing any agreement documents. It makes us an excellent choice if you’re someone who is looking for a shop rental in Singapore.

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What are the best commercial properties available to rent in 2023?

Choa Chu Kang, Yishun, and Jurong East temporary bus interchange are perfect examples of great transport hubs in Singapore where you can find excellent opportunities for commercial properties.

These three locations are ideal places in Singapore to open up a convenience store, daily necessities shop, or even restaurant. Because they cater to people who need these types of services and products on their way home from work every day. This is one reason why Ideal Connection Pte Ltd has been so successful in helping clients with all the necessary support needed when it comes time to rent out space for shops at bus interchange stations in Singapore. Especially those under bus lines such as Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Yishun, and Pasir Ris where we have seen increased use by commuters due to its proximity to other major attractions like shopping malls and primary schools.

How to search for a shop to rent with us?

Click on the long-term option to view all the locations available on the Singapore map, check what would be the ideal location for your property then message us your requirement including your details such as your name, your mobile, and what type of shop are you looking for, then we will schedule a viewing.

We have a limited number of spaces available under our bus interchange shop rental program. Do not wait any longer and contact us as soon as possible to secure the property that you want before someone else does! Ideal Connection is open from Mondays through Fridays except on public holidays when we are closed. We speak English, Mandarin, and Malay, Tamil etc… so give us a call now at 9666 9876