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Parkway Parade Mall

About Parkway Parade Mall

Are you ready to captivate your audience and elevate your brand presence? Look no further than the prime roadshow space located on Level 1, right outside Mango, at Parkway Parade Mall in vibrant Singapore.

This 5m x 4m expanse offers you the ideal canvas to showcase your products and services, connect with potential leads, and leave an indelible impression.

Nestled at the heart of one of Singapore’s most iconic shopping destinations, this roadshow space provides a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse and engaged audience. As the bustling crowds explore Parkway Parade, your brand will take center stage in a high-traffic area that guarantees maximum visibility.

Prime Location: Situated on Level 1 outside Mango, your brand will be strategically positioned to capture the attention of both mall visitors and passersby.

Generous Space: With dimensions measuring 5m x 4m, you’ll have ample room to set up an enticing display that draws customers in.

Diverse Footfall: Parkway Parade Mall is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, ensuring a continuous stream of potential customers with varied interests and needs.

Retail Synergy: Surrounded by a mix of high-end boutiques, lifestyle stores, and dining options, your roadshow will benefit from the mall’s vibrant retail ecosystem.

Engagement Opportunities: Whether you’re offering personalized insurance consultations, exclusive property insights, or must-have retail items, your engagement possibilities are limitless.

Parkway Parade Mall management understands that a roadshow is more than just a display – it’s an experience. With its modern and inviting ambiance, this mall sets the stage for immersive interactions that leave a lasting mark on your potential customers.

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