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Serangoon Bus Interchange

About Serangoon Bus Interchange

Serangoon Integrated Transport Hubs (ITH) are a hot topic in Singapore. The ITH brings together bus, train and MRT services all in one location. It is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and has proven to be hugely popular for commuters who want to avoid transferring buses or trains. It’s very popular among commuters and some of the benefits that come from having one!

Renting a space in Serangoon Interchange lets you take advantage of all the foot traffic that comes through there. This is especially useful if your business caters to commuters, like an eatery or convenience store for example! Also it allows your shop to be seen by more people daily which can help drive in revenue and growth for your brand.

Therefore people tend to stay longer inside which benefits a lot the retailers.

The large number of commuters passing through means lots of potential customers coming past everyday! Not only does renting a space at this location allow you to benefit from the foot traffic but also makes your store visible to many different kinds of people too. For example, if you own a restaurant then having so much variety in cuisine types within walking distance will bring in even diners than just one type would.

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