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About Punggol Bus Interchange

Punggol bus interchange is a central location that links Punggol to the rest of Singapore. It was built to provide better connectivity for commuters and also bring more life into this area. 

There are many reasons why Punggol Bus Interchange is a great place, but I will share with you three: it provides access to areas in the North-East region, offers plenty of parking spaces because it has been designed as an integrated transport hub, and being near the sea means there’s always fresh air! 

If you would like your business to be located in a convenient spot where people can easily find you, then contact us today about renting a short-term shop at Punggol Bus Interchange!

There’s no exact figure because of privacy concerns but we can tell you that there has been an increase over time and on average about 20,000 people per month alight or enter Singapore via this location. They come from all walks of life: office workers heading home after work hours, students going back to the dorms, and parents picking up their children from the nearby childcare center.

The restaurants which deliver to this area know that it’s an easy way of finding new customers – they can easily park, make their delivery quickly, and get back on track!

As mentioned before, there are many people who use public transport here every day so you’re likely to find hungry commuters waiting for your food! You’ll also be close by if any issues crop up or if they want to order again later on. If you would like more information about renting a short-term shop at Punggol bus interchange then don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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