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MRT Station

The HarbourFront MRT Station (NE1/CC29) is an underground interchange station along the North East Line and Circle line stage 5. The terminating station for both lines, it’s located within the Maritime square planning subzone where development has taken place underneath Telok Blangah Road next to VivoCity development or Harbor fronts center shopping mall.

The North East Line and Circle line ticket concourses are both located at the basement level. They feature fare gates for automatic collection of fares, which provide access between paid areas in this station as well as unpaid ones where passengers may use their own devices or those available onsite if they have any Needs Assistive Technology such as wheelchairs that require wider gates to allow passage through comfortably without blocking any sidewalks outside while also being able to take care many other individuals traveling with them because there’s plenty room inside these trains.

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