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What makes a roadshow attractive?

What makes a roadshow attractive?

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What makes a roadshow attractive?

Roadshows vs. large-scale events – Which one is more feasible?

Is there a need for your business to conduct a roadshow attractive? You might have been doubtful whether a roadshow would be feasible for your business over a long period of time. But the fact is the majority perceive that large-scale events. Events such as seminars and conferences of products contribute more viable results than roadshows.
Roadshows are deemed as very small-size events and may target only small audiences. Thus, giving up on the idea of running a roadshow can seem pretty prevalent and common.
Despite the majority’s perception, roadshows can be highly attractive, and one of your effective marketing strategies! Want to know more on how attractive roadshows can be? Then continue reading and don’t miss any remaining part of this blog post!

Increase your chances of converting the potential customers

You might start to ponder how can small roadshows be attractive and yet be favourable to your business. Well, you are actually able to understand your audience better by conducting roadshow events since the target audience is small. Unlike those seminars and conferences, they have a big target audience which is comparatively tougher for the businesses to cope with.

Given that the target audience is small, you definitely are able to create a deeper personal relationship with your audience during roadshows. Subsequently, you get a chance to adapt your roadshow according to that particular area and target audience, eventually you increase your chances of converting those potential customers to customers.

attractive roadshows

How does the insurance sector avail of the roadshow events?

Let’s say you’re now an insurance agent. You want to take your company insurance packages to the road to show them off to your potential customers. But the customers’ needs could be slightly different from one region / area to another. Thus, you can conduct a series of roadshows to exhibit the most suitable insurance policies for the customers for those particular locations’ needs. This is usually highly valued by companies as they receive direct feedback and speak to customer with a strong intention to buy their products or services.

Since the particular roadshow is comparatively small, you can easily conduct a two-way communication’s roadshow such as by conducting surveys, identifying the potential customers’ queries and concerns and speak to them face to face in their neighbourhood.

Eventually, you’re able to collect plenty of data from your potential customers. You can then dive into those data for thorough analysis, and this will undoubtedly help to define your next marketing strategy. Thus, roadshows are a lot more beneficial to your business in the long run than large-scale events.

What types of roadshow attractive activities to hold?

Does roadshows seem boring to you since it is with a small-size target audience? Then you are absolutely wrong. You can actually hold interactive and attractive activities throughout the roadshows.

No matter how small the target audience of a roadshow is, you are still able to attract a crowd to your roadshow by holding attractive activities.It all depends on the way you analyze your parameters and the creativity you put in this. However, for the sake of inspiration, we have gathered some of the best types of engaging roadshow attractive activities ideas you could include in your next event.

Nonetheless, these are just a few inspirations for you. Don’t hesitate to add your own creativity with these ideas and turn them into something completely new, of your own.

Lucky Prize Draw

Irrespective where the crowd are from or what their background may be, people will love free things. I can guarantee you that you will get a super huge crowd when you give away freebies in Singapore!

This is precisely why the prize draw will still be successful in any roadshows. Just bear in mind that your prize draw must be conducted as interactive as possible. The more interactive your prize draw is, the more crowd you can generate. Do not forget to hold your prize draw session in a professional way, with your brand name, logo, and corporate colour added to all the prizes and any props of the prize draw session.

freebies as a way to attract footfall to your roadshow

Competitions and Games – Have a roadshow attractive

Who doesn’t love a fun-filled competition or a game? Yes, competition and games are definitely great to make your roadshow attractive. Any competition or game can be as super fun-filled during a roadshow as you can imagine! Firstly, you can invite your audience to take part in your competition / game. Before the competition / game starts, you can give a gist of the instructions and guidelines to the participants. From here, you already break the ice with your audience.

At the end of the competition / games, you just have to give away a small gift to the winner or even the participants as a reward. Small gifts play a very important role in attracting your audience to take part in the competition and visit your roadshow. As for what kind of competitions to hold, it all depends on you. Be it a small tournament of ping pong, or a Musical Chairs game, or any other creative competition / game that you can think of, are all good for your roadshow.

Thoughts about gamification

On the whole, look at how interactive you can be with your audience throughout the competitions or the games. Be sure you also don’t overlook your products or services that you want to launch or promote in the competitions / games. Blend in your products or services in the competition / games appropriately will definitely make your roadshows a useful marketing tool in promoting your products or services!

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