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Why consider push carts for your small F&B and retail trades?

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Why consider push carts for your small F&B and retail trades?
Why renting an event booth in Singapore?

With the overall high rental on properties in Singapore now, renting a commercial shop or unit for your business would be burdensome to you, especially if you just started up your new and yet small business. A lower cost option would be your priority. We would like to introduce push carts for your business today as your preferred choice!

Push carts bring various benefits to your business. Depending on your business, you can use push carts for your business including but not limited to food and beverage, mobile phones/accessories, clothes, books, and so forth.

Let’s learn more about how you can avail of push carts for your business!

What is important when you just started up your F&B or retail business?

Food and beverage pushcart rental

Let’s say you are venturing into the food & beverage business by selling popcorn and chips and soft drinks today. Or you just start up a retail business selling women’s apparel.You have just spent an amount of money as a modal to start up your business. Your target is to achieve a break-even point in the shortest time before you expect profit for your new start-up business. So, you have to minimize your cost in any way which you can adopt.

Low operational cost of push cart

Running a cafe requires you to invest in high utilities, and hire a wide range of staff including cooks, cashiers, service crews, kitchen managers, cleaners, and so forth. You also have to pay overhead costs such as rentals. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to keep your operational cost as low as possible by opting for push carts.

Why push carts?

You only have to hire one person to handle your push cart. You don’t need a team of staff to handle your push cart. Other than that, the maintenance cost of push carts is also low compared to a brick-and-mortar shop or cafe. The overhead cost is also very low compared to a shop or cafe.

How does the decoration of your cafe and retail shop matter to your business?

You need to decorate your cafes and retail shops to enhance your brand, drive sales, and foster a great customer experience. Nowadays it’s prevalent that business owners use specific themes to decorate their cafes and retail shops. This is to make their cafe and retail shops more unique from their competitors.

Customers are more attracted to cafes and retail shops with more unique decorations. However, the decoration process is much more complicated than a push cart business.

kick rental for small business

Easy decoration for push carts

Even though we provide push carts in a standard size, you can still decorate the push carts yourself after renting from us. It’s pretty easy for you to decorate the push carts as compared to a cafe and retail shops since a push cart is very small in size.

You can also use your creativity with colourful wrappers and small decorative stuff to decorate your push carts. You just have to DIY for the entire decoration process. Unlike cafes and retail shops, you might have to engage vendors to do the decoration for you.

How do you manage the operation of your business in a brick-and-mortar shop or cafe?

With your brick-and-mortar shop or cafe, you have to hire a few staff to run the operation of the entire shop or cafe. Else, it would be difficult for you to effectively manage the operation of the business. You need at least a chef, and a kitchen assistant to be stationed in the kitchen. You also need at least one to two service crews to serve the customers to ensure a positive dining experience for your customers.

Sames goes to a retail business. You need at least a cashier and a promoter in your shop to serve your customers. If your business is bigger, you probably need more promoters or even store supervisors or managers to assist in your store.

Minimal management of push carts

Push carts for small business

Despite the easy decoration of the push carts, push carts are also small in which you only need a maximum of two staff to take care of them. Most of the push carts even have built-in storage areas for you to keep your retail items after you complete your operation hours for the day.

Since push carts are comparatively small, only one or two staff of yours can easily handle the push carts without much stress. Unlike a big women’s apparel shop, there are many sections in the shop with different designs of the apparel, and also many sections of storage of the apparel’s inventory. It’s not easy for one or two staff to handle such a big shop.

Where to get push carts for your F&B and retail business?

Wondering where to get a push cart for your retail and F&B business? In Ideal Connection, we do provide push carts for rent. For more details, please don’t hesitate to approach our friendly staff to enquire within!